Gangshow's were the original creation of Ralph Reader, a Rover Scout in London who wrote and produced the first Gangshow in 1932 titled "The Gangs All Here." The format for the Gangshow was a revue or variety show, including song, dance and short comedy sketches.

The original Gangshow was put together as a fundraising effort to raise money for a swimming pool at the local Scout Camp. While not a sell-out, the show raised enough funds for the pool and was well received. The founder of Scouting, Baden Powell, persuaded Reader to produce another show in 1933, titled "The Gang Comes Back." In 1934 the show became known as "The Gang Show" and Reader continued to write and produce the London Gangshow  until he retired in 1974.

The members of the original Gangshow wanted an identifying feature and decided on a red scarf. Since the first show, the red scarf has become a worldwide symbol and each show having their own insignia on the point of the scarf. All shows have their own mark on the shows they produce, but all come together with one of Reader's signature tunes "On the Crest of a Wave."



Bridget & Mike Smith

The Co-Directors

"Masterminds" of the whole show. After 9 years of convincing, Mike finally got Bridget on board, and for the first time in 27 years, Nelson had a Gangshow. After the 2018 Gangshow they began their efforts on the 2020 Gangshow.


Veronique Law

Wardrobe Manager

Theo Wheatley

Cast Leader and Website Developer

Keryn Kelso


Linda Lockyer

Gangshow Chairperson


Michelle Wadsworth

Gangshow Secretary and Rehearsal Manager

Allan Lockyer

Props Manager

Ella Arnold

Cast Leader

Catie Hodge

Hair & Makeup Director

Blair Tomlinson

Rehearsal Technician 

Robbie Burns

Technical Manager

Keeley Arnold-Smith

Production Assistant